Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Deleting the wrong cluster interconnect information from the OCR

The current configuration of the cluster interconnect information can be checked with the oifcfg command. The following example shows this:
$ oifcfg getif
eth0 global public
ib0 global cluster_interconnect
Let's assume that the address for the cluster interconnect was specified incorrectly. This will prevent cluster communication. The situation can be resolved by deleting the cluster interconnect IP from the OCR configuration. With the command below the interconnect IP address gets deleted.
$ oifcfg delif -global ib0
Afterwards the configuration can be verified for correctness.
$ oifcfg getif
eth0 global public
Now everything looks fine. The correct interconnect information can now be added with the oifcfg setif command.


Work Only said...

Like the site, good content, but this one looks to be a little off. According to Metalink 282036.1, "This command should return values for global “public” and global “cluster_interconnect”; for example:
en0 global public
en5 global cluster_interconnect"

Stefan Roesch said...

Good Point. The main point of the posting was to demonstrate how to remove a wrong IP configuration from the OCR. I changed the content to make this more clear and concise.